The Palace of Glass by Django Wexler

June 26, 2016

This is the third and last book of the The Forbidden Library series

This book picks up where the last book leaves off with Alice angry and seeking revenge.  I didn’t like that revenge was the driving force however the author is clever in slowly redirecting her anger.  Eventually Alice discovers that getting revenge doesn’t make you feel any better.  The themes of friendship and teamwork continue in this book.  The whole book builds to a climactic end and is really a journey about learning to leave anger behind and focus on the people are in your life.  The author doesn’t talk about feelings and stuff, they just let your see Alice’s path through the action.  There are lots of good action and the story was really smartly written. I like the ending a lot and even though the second book was not the best the series all together was excellent.

Lexie Level 780 AR points 10

Percy age 9

Wrap Up

The Palace of Glass


  • teamwork
  • friendship
  • good life lessons


  • revenge/ anger
  • difficult consequences

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