The Enchanted Palace by Rosie Banks

June 22, 2016

The first book in the Secret Kingdom series

This book has a lot of things in it that I like such as fairies and unicorns. The girls are normal kids who discover fairies. This is the first book of the series where the girls get to know the fairies.  The fairies in this book are different than in some of the other series that I have read because they don’t have wings and use much less magic.  They are more like regular people who are just very tiny.  Even the unicorns are different than in any story I have read before.  In this first book we discover that an evil queen has hidden 6 thunderbolts throughout the fairy kingdom that cause bad things to happen.  I think that each book will have the girls and fairies working together exploring different parts of the kingdom to find the thunderbolts.  I really like how this book sets up the story for the rest of the series.  I also like that the girls were like me and my friends and I could imagine us going on the adventure.

AR Points 1.0 Lexile level 720

Rosie age 6

Wrap Up

The Enchanted Palace


  • normal girls
  • different fairies than other books


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