Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

June 21, 2016

Be warned: the first two chapters are kinda slow and not very exciting but the rest of the book is fun filled and action packed.  I wanted to stop reading it at the end of chapter one but my mom convinced me to keep reading and I’m glad I did.   The book is full of mysterious puzzles and interesting gadgets and gizmos.  As soon as you enter the library you feel like you have gone to another world.  The author describes the library really well making it easy to picture in your mind.  The clues are written so that you feel like you are solving them along with the characters.  There are picture puzzles in the book that you could solve without even reading the story.  The end is unexpected but if you went back and read it again you could find small details you missed that would have let you figure it out. There is no magic in this story, just advanced technology, and the kids are smart but ordinary.  I like how Mr Lemoncello likes to make everything a surprise.  The story mentions many other books and made me want to read some that I hadn’t heard of before. There is no violence and not really any boy/girl stuff.  Look out for my review book 2 of Mr Lemoncello’s Library Olympics.

“When you open a book it’s like stepping into a new world”- Mr Lemoncello

AR points 7.0  Lexile level 720  High readability with nice sized text and good spacing.

Bob age 8

Wrap Up

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library


  • puzzles to solve
  • detailed setting
  • smart fun inventions


  • slow start

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