Crater by Homer Hickam

June 21, 2016

I liked this book a lot.  The story is about a very optimistic boy named Crater who is stuck working as a Helium 3 miner on the moon.  When he is sent on a special assignment to a city on the other side of the moon he discovers a plot that might put Crater and everyone with him at risk.  The author addresses some difficulties of living on the moon and consistently uses the setting as part of the story.  Helium 3 mining on the moon is something researchers are really studying and I think the author is writing about one possible outcome if we proceed with it. The book starts kind of slow but it speeds up after the first chapter.  The author keeps you in suspense until the end.  The story touches on some difficult subjects such as genetically engineered workers and has some violence but its is only in part of a chapter.  There is only a little boy/ girl stuff, no kissing or anything, that doesn’t affect the story  Crater has lost his family but its only background information and not given much emotion. Overall this is a good adventure book that makes you want to keep reading to see what happens.  I will read the other books in the series and get back to you.

AR points: 12 Lexile level 910

Percy age 9

Wrap Up



  • kept you guessing until the end
  • likable characters
  • descriptive writing


  • a little boy/ girl stuff
  • some violence
  • raised some uncomfortable questions about how we treat people

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