Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep By Liz Kessler

October 4, 2016

Emily is back and this time we find out all about life as a mermaid.  Her mother now lives in a boat over her father’s part of the ocean, near the Bermuda Triangle.  Emily can now spend time with both of her parents.  She eats breakfast on the boat then can jump down through a trap door straight into the ocean.  Emily is very happy to have her family together. She is joined again by her mermaid friend Shawna and she makes many new friends.  We find out about mermaid school and life under the ocean.  Everything is going great for Emily until she accidentally awakens an ancient sea beast called the Krakin.  ITs really fun finding out what she does next.

I like this book more than the first book.  It is more fun and has a more colorful setting.  I’ve heard there is another book but mom hasn’t found it yet.  Stay tuned and I will write a review when I get it.

Bye, Rosie (age 6)

AR points 6 Lexile Level level 570

Wrap Up

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep



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