The Unseen World of Poppy Malone; A Gaggle of Goblins by Suzanna Harper

July 8, 2016

This is the biggest book I have ever read but it was a good one.  The book starts off slow with Poppy and her family moving into a new house.  Poppy’s parents are ghost hunters but Poppy doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff.  Poppy wants to be a scientist and only believes in things that can be proven.  Poppy’s older sister doesn’t pay much attention to her and her brother is boring.  Her little brother, Rolly, is a real handful until one day he follows the older kids into the woods and when they return he is suddenly quiet and well behaved.  Poppy knows that something is wrong and is determined to figure out what has happened to her little brother.  She goes into the woods and discovers goblins.  She records information about them to prove that they are real.  Finding out what happens to Rolly is very exciting.  There are funny parts in the book and I really like Poppy.  She is very adventurous, smart and interesting.  There are few hard words in this book but not too many.  My mom says there are other Poppy books and I plan to read them all.  Look for my reviews to come.

Love Rosie (age 6)

AR Points 8.0 Lexile level 860

Wrap Up

Gaggle of Goblins


  • strong girl main character
  • scientific method
  • funny siblings


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