The Fire Within by Chris D’lacey

June 7, 2016

This is the first book in the Last Dragon Chronicles.

This book is about a lodger named David who finds himself living in a family’s house who have a mysterious secret. Elizabeth and her daughter, Lucy can create clay dragons that come to life!  The Pennykettle’s give David his own special dragon, Gadzooks, as a gift.  The book is mostly about David’s life with the Pennykettles.   Lucy loves squirrels and so David starts writing her a story about squirrels.  As he writes the story he gets inspirational notes from his dragon.  David starts realizing that as he writes parts of his story actually come true.  (The story David writes is a funny side story in this book.)  David tried to understand how the dragons come to life and why his story seems to be real.  Is this part of the dragon’s magic or is it coming from David?  This first book in the series is more of a light funny read.  The series builds in action and excitement but this first one is just a lead in.  I enjoyed this book although it was not at all what I expected it to be.  I thought the idea  of making clay statues come to life was neat and I couldn’t wait to find out how that happened.  The book is medium paced with moderate descriptions.  It was the concept that most kept me interested.

Look for my reviews of the other books in this series.

AR Points 7.0 Lexile level 630

Percy age 9

Wrap Up

The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles)


  • neat concept


  • simplistic writing

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