Physik by Angie Sage

June 29, 2016

This is the third book in the Septimus Heap series

In this third installment Ms Sage adds some new twists including traveling back in time and an evil ghosts who is trying to return to the world of the living.  Now, before you decide to stop reading this series here let me say that at first I didn’t really like the direction she took in this book however the more I read the more sucked in I got and by the end of the book I thought her approach was really smart.  The author creates an opportunity for Septimus to learn long forgotten magical skills and she lays foundations in the past for story elements she uses in the future (and continues to use in the other books).  This book is a little bit darker and more ominous than the last two with some, scary or at least anxiously suspenseful parts. The book has a satisfying ending but leaves you wondering what will happen to Septimus and his friends next.

AR Points 17.0 Lexile Level – not rated

Percy age 9

Wrap Up



  • interesting back in time concept
  • great characters
  • fast paced


  • some distressing situations

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