Flyte By Angie Sage

June 28, 2016

This is the second book in the Septimus Heap series

This story picks up right where the last left off with young Septimus Heap beginning his apprenticeship with the Extraordinary Wizard.  In this story we learn a lot more about magic and the life of a wizard as well as life in the castle.  This story introduces even more characters to the already large cast including a dragon, a wolf boy and a funny scribe.  This story takes you on a wild ride that includes kidnappings, sibling rivalry and witches.  Mom says there is some boy/girl stuff in this book with the witches but I just thought they were weird, its not like there is a bunch of kissing or romance.  This book was almost as good as the first with a great storyline of its own.  Make sure you keep reading at the end to find out fun tidbits about each character.   Overall this is another really great book!

AR Points 16.0 Lexile Level 950

Percy age 9

Wrap Up



  • good continuation of last story
  • fun plot
  • fast paced
  • great characters


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