Magyk By Angie Sage

June 28, 2016

This is the first book in the seven book Septimus Heap series.

First let me say that I love this series.  There are so many great characters that anyone should find one that they identify with.  The author has a great ability to give each character a distinct voice and backstory.  She is able to keep many points of view and individual story lines going simultaneously without the story feeling strained.  The author takes a new approach to magic in this series making it almost scientific.  Magic must first be discovered before it can be used.  The story takes place in a time where magic is still part of daily life but so much of its secrets have been lost.  The bad guys are ruthless and pursue our heroes through many different settings making the story exciting and fast paced.  There is some killing and violence but it is not detailed.  The story progresses well leaving enough clues for you to have some insight into the climax however there is still an exciting reveal at the end.  Ms Sage must have a vivid imagination because she paints a storyline that is so rich in detail that you feel like you’re in the adventure.  Even though the book looks thick it is actually a quick read.

I will say that I have read all seven and this is a series that is well worth your time.

AR Points 18 Lexile level 640

Percy age 9

Wrap Up



  • unique magical world
  • action packed
  • multiple interesting storylines


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