The Case of the Stolen Sixpence
Mystery / July 24, 2016

This is the first in the Maisie Hitchins series.  These books take place in London a long time ago.  They are about a girl who loves to pretend she is a detective.  She wants to be like Sherlock Holmes when she grows up.  One day as she is walking home from the market she finds a puppy in a bag that has narrowly escaped from being drowned.   The puppy soon becomes her sidekick as Maisie travels through London looking for mysteries. Soon enough a mystery finds her when one of her friends is accused of stealing a Sixpence.   Maisie has to follow the clues to prove her friend is innocent.  Maisie has to not only figure out who really committed the crime but also how to prove it.  I like Maisie because she is smart and brave.  This book was a fast easy read without any difficult words.  I’ve already asked my mom to get the next one. Rosie age 6 Lexie level 770 AR points 3

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett
Fiction , Mystery / July 24, 2016

I believe this book was originally a stand alone book that has since been made into a series. This book is a bit unusual.   The main two characters are a boy and girl who find themselves in the middle of a mystery involving secret correspondence and stolen paintings.   The boy has a set of pentominoes that he always keeps in his pocket.  Each time he pulls out a pentomino the letter it represents becomes the first letter of a clue that the kids follow to solve the mystery.  (My brother got a set of pentominoes with this book and they are really fun!) Some parts of the story seem really far fetched but somehow the author makes it believable in the end.  I like that the book brings in real information about Vermeer and his work.  I also like how the characters in the story are forced to think out of the box to consider the idea that just because something is unlikely does not mean it is not true.  The book takes a little while to really draw you in.  For at least part of the story I was reading it more because I wanted to see…

The Magic Half by Annie Barrows
Fiction , Mystery / June 21, 2016

First let me say this book is nothing like the Half Magic series by Edward Eager.  I thought it was one of those books but its completely different. I think The Magic Half was a good book.  It was about a girl who was the middle child with twin brothers and twin sisters.  Miri always felt left out until she finds an object that allows her to visit the girl who lived in her room in the year 1935.  Most of the book is about the girls becoming friends, keeping the magic secret and solving a mystery.  The girl from the past is named Molly and has a terrible family.  My mom didn’t like that the book talks about crimes like stealing and murder but it did’t bother me because it only says that people think a crime happened and it doesn’t tell anything about it. The girls have to follow clues in the past and the present to make things right.  This book has magic, treasure and mystery.    Sincerely, Rosie Lexie Level 640  AR points 5.0 Rosie age 6